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Drains are expected to withstand harsh conditions and over a period of time can be effected in many ways e.g displaced joints, fractures, subsidence, root ingress, a build up of fat and grease, lime scale, silt, blisters(pitch fibre), broken pipes and sometimes total collapse.

South West Drains use state of the art camera technology to investigate every inch of your drains to determine the material of your pipe, condition and accurately identify the cause of any problems you may be experiencing. Our camera findings are displayed on screen showing distances travelled down the pipe, to enable us to pin point potential problem areas within the pipes. Using this technology allows us to provide our customers with full written reports detailing pipe material, pipe size, pipe section lengths and any defects. Reports can include dvd footage site plans showing the layout of the drainage system.

What causes blocked drains?
Drain Clearance Cornwall Look see CCTV survey
A look see CCTV survey of you drains will establish the condition of the drainage system and inform you with a written report of our findings on our job sheet.
From £75.00 + VAT
CCTv drain surveys Pre House Purchase Surveys

This survey is for the house purchaser or seller who wishes to know the condition and layout of the drains and any potential problems within the drainage system. This survey can save the buyer all the inconvenience and cost of fixing problematic drains. Also from a sellers perspective this could be an advantage to your Home Information Pack. The pre house purchase survey includes a detailed site plan and a full written report of our findings supplied to you on our job sheet.
From £150.00 + VAT

Cornwall cctv drain surveys Full CCTV survey
This survey includes a full detailed report produced on specialist camera surveying software, detailing everything about your pipes.All drains are jetted prior to cameraing to ensure we can see the whole pipe clearly this enables us to give an accurate report of the condition of the pipe. This survey also includes DVD footage of your drains and a detailed site plan. This type of survey is beneficial to insurance companies, construction companies and anyone requiring visual footage of any drainage system.
From £95 + VAT
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