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Pitch fibre pipes were mostly used from the 1950s to the early 1970s. Pitch fibre pipes were considered ideal as they were relatively inexpensive in comparison to other clay materials about at this time, they came in 8 foot lengths meaning they were faster to install and easier to handle. Pitch fibre is made of wood cellulose fibre impregnated with carefully refined inert coal tar pitch, under vacuum and pressure (approx 25% fibre to 75% pitch by weight). At the time everybody thought they were the best thing since sliced bread, however it soon became apparent these pipes were susceptible to delamination of their inner surface also known in the trade as blisters, it is also known that under normal conditions they are susceptible to collapse under applied loading sooner than pipes made of more rigid materials. Researched figures suggest that even if the pipe was laid correctly and there are no adverse ground conditions pitch fibre pipes can be expected to have a life span of up to 40 years. This means that many have surpassed their designed life expectancy. If poor installation took place the life expectancy would be significantly shorter. The use of pitch fibre pipes was widespread and up to 50,000 properties are now experiencing problems relating to pitch fibre pipes every year. It is also proven that pitch fibre pipes are susceptible to damage by high pressure water jetting due to their delicate nature this said, South West Drains takes every precaution to use the lowest possible pressure if needed to clear blockages.
Fixing the problem
Here at South West Drains we use a no dig technique to reform and reline problem pitch fibre pipes. This entails winching a piece of pre-fabricated metal (which is the exact size of the original pipe) through the blistered and deformed pipe this process reforms the pitch fibre pipe back to its original shape. We then carry out high pressure water jetting to ensure pipe walls are clean, we confirm this by carrying out a CCTV survey. A polyester liner which is impregnated with special resin is then inserted into the reformed pipe. We then pull or inflate the liner using compressed air into position inside the pipe. Next the inversion of the liner takes place this process pushes the liner tightly against the pipe wall of the existing pipe this is carried out by using water or air pressure. Once the resin has cured and hardened into a smooth and structurally sound pipe (which has an added benefit of being seamless this will stop any root ingress). you will have a new GRP liner inside your old pitch fibre pipe which will stop the pitch fibre pipe from blistering and becoming deformed again .once the liner is in place only a minimum loss of pipe diameter is lost approx 6mm.we then carry out a final CCTV survey to ensure lining process has been carried out to our high standards. South West Drains gives a full 10 year guarantee with all lining work and considers this technique a far more cost effective and considerably less disruptive procedure to your property than a conventional excavation.
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